Watson Video Enrichment

Watson Video Enrichment uses Watson’s industry-leading cognitive abilities to analyze audio, textual, and visual data within multimedia content – deeply enriching the value of every video asset by creating automated data sets that are more detailed and searchable than is currently possible for large libraries of video. 

    • Watson analyzes multimedia content and builds deep, easily searchable metadata packages for every asset in your library

    • Content enriched by Watson is inherently more searchable, leading to improved discovery and increased usage

    • Watson goes well beyond today’s metadata standards, automatically recognizing and tagging keywords, concepts, themes, objects and much more

    • Watson can even determine the dominant emotion of a video like joy, sadness, or anger

    • Integrates with GFTM and Mediabeacon to form a rich content workflow ecosystem

Watson Captioning

Watson Captioning helps you deliver accurate, compliant, and easily editable captions for your video content – saving you time and money along the way.

    • Highly accurate

    • Automated

    • Editable

    • Self-learning

Watson Video Streaming

Video hosting, transcoding, live streaming, automated speech to text and analytics – in a cloud video platform.

    • Broadcast to anyone – OVP Services

    • Develop Rich Over The Top experiences – OTT Services

    • Steam and share corporate/agency video – EVP Services

    • Automate ingest into a MAM/DAM with closed captioning and embedded metadata

Management & Automation

To help organizations make the most out of IBM Watson, we provide tools that allow automation and centralized management of the environment, tying together multiple components for an easy to use workflow. Our web-based management application includes management, monitoring, and reporting from a single interface and our workflow automation platform enables complex business workflow orchestration that automates file collection, processing, and distribution with a drag-and-drop UI designer, scalable and robust run-time engine, and a rich library of third-party plug-ins.

    •  Highlight clipping during live event
    • Player metrics showing viewer interest
    • Watson understands the contents of video and can learn when to flag assets for potential violation or unwanted material
    • Designed to alleviate issues such as adult content recognition, violence detection, objectionable language, fake material, logos that don’t belong, trademark or licensing violations, and more
    • Automatic identification assists in meeting compliance and saves the cost of manual search and identification 

Solve critical content and viewer experience issues with IBM Watson Media.

Content search and discovery

Content enriched by Watson is inherently more searchable. Automate video transcription and empower end users to search inside of videos, jumping to key moments to increase the value of video training and other activities.

Recommendation uplift

Enriched metadata gives you deeper insights into what really motivates viewers, so you can connect them with relevant content in completely new ways.

Highlight clipping

Sports broadcasters need to create video highlights as quickly as possible. Watson automatically watches, identifies, and clips those must-see moments.

Closed captioning

Watson automates real-time, accurate, and easily editable captions, saving you time and money.

Content monitoring

Watson understands when to flag video assets for potential violations, helping you eliminate the cost of manual search and identification.