Easy-to-use DAM solution, featuring best-in-class technologies and workflows. MediaBeacon was designed from the ground up to be modular and scalable and intelligently grows right alongside your enterprise requirements.


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Create Once - Distribute Everywhere

Meet your customers at every possible touch point and create consistently great digital experiences. MediaBeacon is a complete end-to-end solution that improves workflows and saves you time in finding, repurposing, and delivering assets across all your digital channels.


MediaBeacon is a modern, robust and mature digital media asset management system which easily handles both flat and layered files, video projects, fonts, 3D imagery/graphics and 3D printer files. The developed interface is based on drag-and-drop functionality (modern browsers) and includes easily-configured artificial intelligence, digital rights management (Rights Cloud™ by FADEL®), templates, video transcodings and Pantone color support and searchability. MediaBeacon also lets you push content directly to social media, e-commerce, and other digital platforms. MB’s Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office connectors allow you to work from within the application to search, retrieve and upload new versions to and from your documents without leaving the Adobe or Microsoft application. Whether you use the built in link-sharing option, or send files through IBM’s Aspera integration, MediaBeacon is very capable of sending as few or as many files as you might need to deliver. MediaBeacon is built with a REST API and can be integrated with most third party applications.

Access Assets on the Go

Access and interact with your assets from any platform, on any device using a sleek browser-based interface. You control the look and feel of your workspace with drag and drop widgets even non-technical users are comfortable using. No need to install plug-ins or client software is required.

Creative teams use MediaBeacon to drive asset creation, easily find assets, and distribute those assets with plug-ins for Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Cloud.

Upload System

Make the most of upload speed
  • Improved multithreading performance of asset upload.
  • Uploading files larger than 4GB is now supported.
  • In-progress uploads may be paused, resumed, or cancelled, in the Notification Center.
  • History function now reports file size of uploads. Occurs for both uploads in the Web UI and via Aspera integration.
  • Multiple-file Uploads:
    • Backend architecture was greatly improved to increase the speed of multiple-file uploads.
    • User feedback of multi-file uploads has been improved; each filename is presented in the Notification Center as it completes.

Download and Share

Easily share and download assets:

  • Automatic conversion to the right format for the intended purpose
  • Quick download an asset with a single click
  • Share asset links with others
  • Schedule, post and track views of assets straight from the MediaBeacon interface.
  • No need to download a file just to upload it to a social site. MediaBeacon can publish on demand straight from your server or cloud-based solution.

Seamless Share

Connect DAM to the rest of your enterprise with powerful and standard integration toolkits. MediaBeacon’s RESTful API increases adoption, consistency, and access for all by integrating DAM with your Adobe desktop products, WCM, CMS, PIM, and other enterprise solutions.

MediaBeacon API and Integration

MediaBeacon’s highly flexible architecture and open APIs that enable integration into many products on today’s market. By connecting other systems into your Digital Asset Management system, you’re able to drive more productivity than ever before. With hands off data transfer between services, you remove human intervention and areas for mistakes.

So Much More...

MediaBeacon is a feature-rich and versatile solution that can handle a gamut of workflows. Contact GTGI today to learn more.