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microSD Duplicators by Nexcopy

Nexcopy manufactures a variety of microSD Card Duplicator systems. PC based systems use our exclusive, feature rich, Drive Manager software with advanced functions. Standalone systems are ultra-fast, high speed duplicators which copy gigabytes of data quickly and accurately.

PC-based microSD Duplicators

Standalone Series by Nexcopy

Designed to perform one thing: Copy data ultra-fast.
These binary copiers will make an exact digital copy from master to target. Nexcopy standalone units are easy to use and loaded with features.

microSD Card Duplicator Systems by Nexcopy

The Sales Pitch

Nexcopy’s line of microSD Card Duplicators are manufactured to be feature rich and durable for industrial and heavy use applications. Nexcopy’s extensive line of microSD Card Copiers include models for microSD write protection, Card Identification Reading (CID Reading) and ultra-fast data loading. Nexcopy manufactures models ranging from 16 target to 60 target systems with data transfer speeds up to 1GB per minute to all sockets. Nexcopy’s equipment offering includes both PC based systems and standalone systems where no PC is required.

Secure Digital memory is the leading flash for embedded applications which require large storage capacities. Applications such as deployment of firmware on hand-held devices, mobile phones, drones, GPS units and telecommunication devices. microSD cards are ideal for small form factor applications where space is a primary concern. Data loading to hundreds or thousands of microSD card can be a difficult and time consume process. However, Nexcopy equipment makes data loading a simple process.

In addition, the cost of NAND memory continues to drop, thus making the medium more affordable than ever. With all of the applications where microSD media is required, the Nexcopy microSD Card Copiers are a “must have” for corporations and government agencies.