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What It Does

AutoDisc automatically produces discs from folders or a detailed XML file. Used with any Rimage Disc Publishing system, AutoDisc automatically burns the contents of a folder or set of folders to a CD or DVD when the directory’s contents reach a pre-determined size, when a special “trigger” file is present, or when a detailed XML file is sent into its queue.

AutoDisc monitors a master directory with subfolders. In Trigger and Watcher modes, each subfolder represents a disc to be recorded. In Trigger mode, subfolders are recorded when a trigger file is placed with the content. The trigger file is XML-based, contains label and copy count information, and can be generated by most scripting languages. In Watcher mode, subfolders are recorded when they reach a preset minimum size, and use a pre-defined template for labeling.

Additionally, AutoDisc features an Advanced version of its trigger mode that allows detailed control over the disc production process. Advanced trigger mode supports the disc production of raw files/folders, re-mastered ISO and UDF images, and PCM & WAV files to produce Red Book compliant audio CDs.

AutoDisc also features a Rimage Data Publisher Emulator mode. This mode eliminates the need to use the legacy Data Network Publisher application for integration, and also adds the most current standards (such as dual-layer DVD) as a selectable medium. This mode makes AutoDisc ideal for integrating existing applications written for legacy Rimage equipment with the latest technology Rimage has to offer.

Benefits At A Glance

  • Automatically records the contents of a directory to a DVD or CD
  • Watcher mode for completely automated recording
  • Trigger mode for more controlled recording
  • Advanced trigger mode for specifying detailed production parameters
  • Drop-in replacement for Rimage’s legacy Data or Network Publisher software


  • Rimage Producer and Professional series
  • Rimage software version 8.2 and above
  • Windows XP, Server 2003, 7, Server 2008/2008 R2 (Rimage software version 8.5 or above required for Windows 7 support)
  • 5MB free disk space for program files

AutoDisc is licensed per-seat