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What It Does

Secure Automation Platform (SAP) integrates the powerful SecureDisc encryption engine with an expandable production software platform that can perform an array of automated tasks, including controlling multiple output devices and integration to third-party databases. SAP is completely modular and customizable to connect disparate existing systems into a fully automated production solution.

Many workflows require a series of manual processes to compensate for standalone software and hardware components that cannot interact. SAP brings these components together to replace wasteful, error-prone and laborious operations with maximized efficiency, throughput and accuracy.

SAP enables processing of Rimage disc production jobs from any third-party
application for seamless integration into existing environments. Now a linear, proprietary production process can trigger a series of parallel and complimentary automated functions without re-programming any current applications.

Key SAP capabilities include:

  • Control multiple Rimage disc production units from one console
  • Dynamic load balancing across Rimage systems to optimize throughput and bypass system errors
  • Encrypt the contents of CD/DVD/BD media with a unique password, with ‘zero footprint’ on the decryption PC
  • Automatic printing of inserts, packing lists and other collateral
  • Produce shipping labels and retrieve tracking data from leading freight/logistics systems
  • Query and append multiple databases for automated data retention from each stage of the production cycle

Encryption Engine Specifications

  • 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Algorithm) with FIPS 140-2 Validation
  • CBC Encryption Mode (each encrypted block has it’s own key)
  • 256-bit SHA for password-to-key generation
  • Format/Image based encryption (performed at the block/sector level)


  • Secure Automation Platform is licensed per Rimage system (or Control Center, for non-embedded systems)
  • Sub-licensed on a per-encrypted image basis
  • SecureDisc Explorer and Resident Clients are free of charge for SAE customers