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Global Messaging System

Global Messaging System (GMS) is an email and SMS notification solution that monitors RSS feeds and subscription lists and sends automated and manual notifications – all at a fraction of the cost of other automated communication solutions.

Three Benefits To Your Organization

  • GMS is not a SaaS: lower cost of ownership with higher RO for the same services
  • You own the system with no limits: unlimited send rates, and tracking clicks
  • You are in control: your data belongs to you

Benefits To Communications Managers

  • No monthly or annual limits on distributions
  • Highly customizable to your organization
  • Manual entry with scheduled release allows for immediate notifications and alerts
  • Automatically send notifications to subscribers using RSS updates from your website
  • Send to .gov and .mil addresses without “spoofing”
  • Option to use your existing email system or external services (e.g. Amazon SES)
  • Choose plain text or html formatting
  • External Subscription web page can be embedded anywhere on your website
  • Users can Subscribe/Unsubscribe/Forward/Download/Share
  • Your choice of plain text emails, HTML emails, or mixed-media emails
  • SMS to 200+ countries based on your current configuration
  • Google Analytics enabled

GMS is an email and SMS notification solution for email campaigns, newsletters, announcements and notifications. 

You can send a single email to hundreds or thousands of subscribers.

GMS Amplifies Your Message to Your Subscribers

With GMS You Are In Control

  • GMS can be hosted on-premise or on a private cloud
  • Your data belongs to you
  • Manage an unlimited number of segmented lists with complex demographic data
  • Collaborate: Manage GMS with multiple administrators, flexible permissions and a collaborative workflow.
  • Re-queue campaigns to send to new subscribers only
  • Collect and utilize subscriber attributes such as ‘name’, ‘country’ and ‘language’ alongside any attributes of your choice
  • Use placeholders, attributes and lists to create highly engaging, individualized campaigns

Analyze and Adapt

  • Analyze your campaigns with GMS’s inbuilt statistics or Google Analytics
  • Track how many users opened your message
    • Which links were clicked on
    • Which links were
    • Compare across campaigns
  • View statistics by campaign, URL and subscriber for a thorough analysis
  • Drill down into your statistics to individual subscribers
  • Use list segmentation to A/B test campaigns and improve performance
  • Intelligent bounce processing
  • Continuous monitoring of blacklists and deliverability
  • Automatic spam complaints processing from major mail hosts

GMS is Flexible

  • Tailored and targeted messages for more engaging campaigns
  • Every email you send with GMS is uniquely customized for its recipient
  • Internationalize: GMS can be used and subscribed to in 20+ languages

List Management

  • Easy import and export of subscriber data from any source
  • Exclude-list feature allows for refined segmentation
  • Unlimited list segmentation and target selection
  • Use all your data, get more from your lists
  • Clean, dynamic lists for subscriber satisfaction
  • Subscribers can be placed on a do-not-send list: you can’t accidentally send to them again once they unsubscribe

With GMS You Can:

  • Import and manage complex data: use CSV files to import information about your subscribers
  • Match each column of data on import with a custom attribute in GMS, so no data is discarded
  • Use a ‘foreign key’ to update and synchronize lists with other databases without duplicating subscribers
  • Use GMS as your primary database or alongside a CRM or CMS.
  • A powerful rest API is available
  • GMS uses subscriber profiles to keep your data organized and accessible.
  • Smooth integration and unlimited subscribe pages
  • GMS can be fully integrated into your website

Subscribe Pages

  • Subscribers can update their own email address, personal data and subscription preferences
  • GMS’s double-opt in, easy unsubscribe system gets your email to the right people and increases your list quality
  • Our message queue ensures that no subscriber receives the same campaign twice, even if they’re subscribed to several lists
  • Choose any combination of template, language, subscriber attribute and list to create the perfect page for every situation
  • Integrate subscribe functionality using AJAX or the API: your site visitors can subscribe without leaving your website
  • Set up email notifications to tell you when you get new subscribers
  • Use your own domain and pre-configured AJAX scripts

Feature Rich Designing

  • Create beautiful HTML campaigns using a web interface
  • Send well-formatted plain text versions to those subscribers who prefer it
  • Send PDFs or documents as attachments
  • Insert images into messages, or include them as remote links
  • Store and use multiple HTML templates
  • Templates are applied to your campaigns after composition
  • Our unique template system keeps your messages looking great while providing a simple, consistent interface for composition
  • You can send a webpage, using custom HTML or a CMS like WordPress.
  • We provide basic templates alongside documentation for design

Schedule Your Campaigns

  • Send when the time is right – with GMS you control when you send your campaigns
  • You can schedule your campaigns to send at just the right time.
  • If campaigns are time sensitive, you can use an embargo or pause a scheduled campaign.
  • GMS will continue sending after hours or on the weekend.


  • Our comprehensive export features mean that your data really belongs to you
  • You can change service or software providers freely and manage your data in a way that suits you
  • Each GMS installation and database on our servers is self-contained
  • By utilizing the inbuilt link tracking, you own and control your data

Get Help

  • Email and phone support is available to all GMS customers
  • Comprehensive and up to date documentation of GMS functionality
  • Documentation available for regular users, power users and developers