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GTGI is strategically located in the the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area to support the Nation’s leadership and the Federal government industry. We have what it takes to get you the technology solutions you need – from big data to storage to leading software solutions. Partnering with a certified IBM reseller like GTGI will help you take full advantage of your IBM products – because we don’t just sell them, we know them, and we can provide the support you need.

Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, And More

With a rich legacy in systems and hardware, IBM has also positioned itself as a key player in the field of big data analytics, most notably in artificial intelligence. IBM Watson valuable insight to data that helps get more out of the information you have. Let Watson work while you lead.

Moving data, big or small, can be arduous over highly protected and monitored networks. IBM Aspera works with the network to transmit encrypted data at speeds that you may not think are possible. Moreover, Aspera can stream live video from austere locations. Talk to us about how we can improve your data flow by 5-10x the rate of FTP or legacy file transmission methods.