Aspera allows full-speed transfers of large files over distances where regular FTP or HTTP would be prohibitively slow. Options include servers, clients, web applications (Aspera Shares and Faspex), and a full management suite.

High Speed Transfer Technology

The Aspera transfer platform is the the most advanced software solution for file transfer, synchronization and streaming of digital assets, allowing users and enterprises secure high speed movement of all of their data over any distance, to any environment, with none of the waiting. Covering a wide range of server, desktop and mobile operating systems, Aspera provides the most modern and flexible options as Software as a Service (SaaS), Run-your-own Software in the Cloud (single tenant), and On Premise Deployments.

Central in a typical Aspera deployment, the transfer servers combine fasptransport with comprehensive transfer and user management for large-scale enterprise data movement. Running on premise or on demand in the cloud, they provide a highly scalable and secure transfer environment that supports files of any size, thousands of concurrent transfers, and an unlimited number of users.

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Web Applications

Aspera web applications bring high-speed fasp transfers to web browsers enabling diverse business workflows for file collection, distribution, and exchange among geographically dispersed teams and with external customers and partners. Intuitive user interfaces make user adoption fast and easy while providing powerful features supporting the most complex workflows.

Industry benefits


  • Enable large file exchanges on even the most challenging networks plagued with high packet loss ratios and extended round trip delays. Aspera fasp™ achieves full utilization of available bandwidth on links of 500 ms RTT and 30% packet loss, and higher.
  • Effectively replace physical transport of hardware devices containing file-based intelligence with high-speed data transfer at global distances.
  • Provide field units simple, lightweight, access-on-demand software solutions capable of full link capacity transfer rates over networks ranging from Kilobits to Gigabits per second.
  • Utilize proven, secure and reliable transfer technology: SIPRNET/JWICS approved, FIPS 140-2 compliant, sponsored for Army Certificate of Networthiness (CoN); JDISS Certificate to Field (CtF), available via NASA SEWP (GSA IT Schedule 70 coming soon).

Banking and financial markets

  • Reinvent the modern financial institution by enabling big data analytics, batch processing and insurance claims and appraisals from the field.

Manufacturing and engineering

  • Accelerate global engineering and design processes through high-speed sharing of design files, source code synchronization and ingest into predictive analytics tools.


  • Offer better in-store experiences involving rich digital media that’s been electronically delivered to stores. Refine the customer experience based on insights from customer data.

Life sciences and healthcare

  • Accelerate breakthroughs in research and medicine by helping distributed teams collaborate on large genomic data and medical images.

Media and entertainment

  • Transform content production and delivery by leveraging digital file- and stream-based workflows that span cloud and on-premises infrastructures.

Oil and gas

  • Provide more cost-effective detection and tapping of new energy sources with faster capture and high-performance computing (HPC) analysis of remote seismic data.


Aspera clients enable fasp-powered transfers on virtually any device, with native applications available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems, as well as plug-ins for standard web browsers and an add-in for Microsoft Outlook. Regardless of the selected client option, users can easily initiate secure, high-speed uploads and downloads, as well as monitor and control transfer rates.

Mobile Apps

Aspera Mobile Apps deliver high-speed upload and download of large files such as images, video, legal documents, and intelligence data on Apple iOS and Google Android devices. Built on our patented fasp™ technology, they can transfer data over Wi-Fi and cellular networks at speeds that are up to 100X faster than traditional mobile transfer technologies. They fully support the fasp security model, incorporate the look and feel of native device apps, and integrate seamlessly with device cameras and photo galleries.

Management & Automation

To help organizations make the most out of Aspera’s high-speed transport technology, we provide tools that allow automation and centralized management of the Aspera transfer environment, tying together multiple components such as Aspera transfer servers, web applications and transfer clients. Our web-based management application provides management, monitoring, and reporting from a single interface and our workflow automation platform enables complex business workflow orchestration that automates file collection, processing, and distribution with a drag-and-drop UI designer, scalable and robust run-time engine, and a rich library of third-party plug-ins.


The FASP Stream software product was created from the ground up by Aspera with the potential to revolutionize the way that live and near-live video is transported.

Enterprise Applications

Aspera’s Enterprise Applications include a variety of software solutions that integrate its high-speed FASP®-powered transfer technology to transfer files of any size on virtually any device, across global distances from anywhere in the world. These applications include stand-alone Aspera solutions as well as third party plug-ins and integrated solutions, all of which provide 100% transfer reliability and bulletproof security. 


Aspera Sync is a highly scalable platform for multidirectional file replication and synchronization, able to handle millions of individual files and largest file sizes, at speeds that are 1000X faster than conventional tools like rsync.

Deliver large, time-critical files and data sets virtually anywhere
With IBM Aspera® solutions, you can access the most advanced core technologies, features and capabilities of Aspera. Choose from solutions tailored to many different needs and businesses of any size — from the small organization to the global enterprise. This combination of IBM innovations with its leading file transfer and streaming technologies creates solutions that virtually no other commercial enterprise solution can match.
High-speed collaboration
Send and share large files and data sets at maximum speed.
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Big data transport and sync
Quickly transfer, distribute and sync huge files and data sets globally.
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Transfer automation and management
Fully orchestrate, monitor and control data transfers and workflows.
Explore solutions for automating and managing large file transfers
Streaming big data & broadcast – quality video
Deliver any size data and virtually unlimited bit-rate video with near-zero latency over the internet.
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Redefine the standards for high-speed data transfer with IBM Aspera
IBM Aspera FASP® for maximum speed
Experience our patented transport technology that consistently ranks first in every WAN throughput test in which it is evaluated.
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Direct-to-cloud storage
Move data to, from and between major cloud object storages with Aspera natively integrated for high performance.
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IBM Aspera FASPStream™ technology
Stream broadcast-quality video content over IP networks with small startup delays and glitch-free experiences.
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