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GDAMS Managed Services for Any Customer

Every organization has a different mission, method and set of requirements. Outfitting a fully-staffed IT/IA organization that is staffed sufficiently for around the clock operations can be very difficult for smaller organizations. Global Technologies Group, Inc. can take the tedium, headache, and stress out of your operations and management plan. The following capabilities are offered as part of our fully-managed services, but can also be contracted for individually.

Dedicated Program Manager

  • You will know your GTGI Program Manager and have access to them on-demand.  Our PM’s are part of your team. They are fully vested in your success and will ensure your needs are met.

System Migration

  • Let GTGI lead your system migration from on-premises to cloud or cloud-to-cloud. We can reduce transition time, eliminate headaches and ensure data replication.

Consolidated Annual Support Management

  • Tired of awarding numerous contracts to ensure on-going support for each of your applications? Award just one and let GTGI  manage that effort.

Risk Management Framework program management

  • GTGI fully-managed Risk Management Framework process provides FSOs and ISSMs with the information they need to interpret the controls and implement the requirements based on the size and scope of their information system, large or small. GTGI can provide artifacts, drawings or any other documentation required to successfully obtain and maintain an authority to operate.

HBSS, ACAS, WSUS, Auditing system 

  • GTGI offers an appliance-based HBSS, ACAS, WSUS, and auditing system in a pre-built appliance or cloud-deployed instance, STIG compliant solution that meets Enterprise DoD security requirements.



  • Whether you need frequent or infrequent back-ups, rest assured that GTGI will manage that process and clean up expired back-ups to safeguard your information.


  • One instance is never enough. GTGI will ensure that your system is able to stay up should equipment, nature or man interrupt your primary system. Our geographically dispersed plan for failover is an important part of your risk management plan.

Performance Management

  • As your system grows in popularity, capacity or usage, GTGI will ensure that the proper capabilities and infrastructure are in place to give the customer experience your application is capable of providing. You also don’t want an over-architected system that drains your program. GTGI will ensure your system is balanced for performance and efficiency.

User management

  • Your admins, managers and support staff will change over time. GTGI’s cloud management platform provides easy management of system users through a SAML-based SSO service. User authentication can include PIV cert, MFA, biometric and password management

Rich usage metrics reporting

  • We’ll help tell the story of your system’s use through rich metrics reports that are easy to understand, utilize and share. Metrics are vital for program management and sustainment.


Database management

  • GTGI’s database managed services, provide access to our DBAs, architects, and engineers to handle the day-to-day operational management, tuning, backups, restorations and change requests for your systems―on-premise or in the cloud.

OS Updates

  • GTGI’s operating system managed services, provide access to our system administrators for updates, configuration, IAVA response, patching and monitoring for your systems―on-premise or in the cloud. Updates can be automated, manually implemented or deferred to meet your requirements.

Application updates 

  • With GTGI’s application update managed services, you will enjoy unlimited application updates while under contract with GTGI and your OEM for support. As your OEM improves their system, you get to reap the rewards of their improvements without worry about paying engineer time to update your system.

Cloud environment creation and maintenance

  • GTGI will work with you to develop a highly-available, resilient, scalable and efficient network architecture environment for your mission. This also includes the establishment of security groups, routing, DNS management, key management, edge caching, load balancing, and more.

Outage response SLA

  • One-hour concierge response time for outages.  Our site monitoring system will catch an outage and report it to GTGI. If you discover it,  simply report your outage through the GTGI support portal and a support technician will respond in less than an hour. Outages for any reason are our highest priority support request.

Private/Corporate/ Cloud Support

  • GTGI technicians can support private cloud systems through remote access and coordinated onsite access with the cloud site management team.

Unlimited Web Storage

  • Nurture the growth of your websites without being concerned about hitting any limits on data storage or the size of your websites.

Staging Environment

  • A staging environment allows you to test your website before publishing it live for everyone to see. Safely preview any changes or updates.

Validated SSL certs

  • Encrypt the connection between your server and visitors to safeguard personal information, e-commerce transactions, sensitive data, and more.

AntiVirus, Malware, Spam Protection

  • GTGI’s design filters out harmful and unwanted content before it reaches your website or its comment section.

SSD Disk Space

  • Performance-based GTGI deployed systems are hosted on servers that utilize Solid State Drives (SSD), which help to facilitate faster load times.

Application Vulnerability Testing/ Scans / Penetration Testing

  • GTGI provides vulnerability testing, STIG scans and system penetration testing with reporting, remediation for compliance and vulnerability patching.

24/7 Customer Support

  • Our hosting experts are available around the clock to assist customers with questions related to website uptime, performance, billing, or dashboard features.

AWS or IBM Cloud services

  • Your organization can bring your own cloud account or fund an account that GTGI operates. The benefit of using GTGI as your cloud access point is that GTGI can take full advantage of cost-saving measures such as reserved instances with the ability to buy and sell reserved instances on demand. That’s something that is hard to do for the government where proceeds from sold reservations go to the treasury rather than into your program’s account.