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The Rimage 2450 system is a high-performance, front-office solution for automated Patient CD/DVD Production. Your Medical Imaging workflow will benefit from a fully automated and intelligent in-house robotic solution with a low long-term cost of ownership.


The Rimage 2450 is the most affordable disc publishing system with a thermal printer. It is the easiest way to get Rimage quality publishing in an affordable package. All you need is a PC, the solution software and you are ready to go.

Network connectivity

The standalone 2450 system can be easily networked using an external PC.

Rugged Durability

With positive air flow through a front-accessible filter, quick-release recorders.

Integrated printer

Rimage’s Everest® 400 printer is the market’s only fully integrated thermal retransfer printer, providing indelible, high-resolution images and sharp, easy-to-read text. Unlike inkjet printing, thermal retransfer printed labels will not scratch, smear, peel or fade over time.

Unmatched performance

The three-bin carousel with optional 50-disc output bin enables multiple patient discs and media types to run concurrently. Publish up to 50 CD-Rs, DVD-Rs, or Blu-ray Discs™ per hour with hands-free operation.

Backed by decades of experience in designing and building hardware, the Rimage 2450 standard features include:

  • Integrated DiscWatch™ status light
  • Two quick-release front-swappable recorders
  • LCD status display
  • Rotating three-bin 150-disc carousel for input/output
  • External five-disc output bin
  • Integrated Everest 400 thermal retransfer printer
  • Internal lighting
  • USB 3.1 Gen 1

Everest Ribbons

Make a great impression with Rimage thermal ribbons, you get the very best from your Everest printer. The three-paneled CMY ribbons make full-color artwork come to life with levels of sharpness and detail unique to Rimage printers. For black and white images or simple black text, monochrome ribbons are ideal for high resolution, full-coverage, and superior grayscale printing. Retransfer ribbons bring it all together by fusing artwork and data to the discs, making sure that with every job—big or small—you’ll consistently print images and text that will not fade, scratch or smudge for the life of the disc. Everest® discs contain a special top coating optimized for Rimage printers, resulting in better print quality and system performance. Your finished Everest disc is scratch-proof, waterproof, fade-resistant, and UV protected.

  • Highest print resolution in the industry—600dpi
  • Fixed yields and predictable cost per printed disc
  • Provides scratch proof, waterproof, fade resistant and UV protected printing
  • Optimized for use with Everest printers
  • Available for purchase in single packs or in Rimage Media Kits

Prism Thermal Ribbons

Get high quality at a low cost. Rimage offers a selection of colored and monochrome thermal ribbons tailored to Prism printing. Enjoy high quality monochrome prints and vector artwork with solid black thermal ribbons, or add a full range of color with blue, red or three-panel CMY ribbons. No matter which ribbons you choose, you’ll benefit from the lowest-cost per print for on-demand CD and DVD printing plus clear, crisp text and images that last. Media for Prism™ printers includes CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs with lacquer surface for optimal direct thermal transfer printing.

  • 2100+ prints or more with black, red and blue Prism ribbons
  • 500 prints with three-paneled CMY ribbons
  • Waterproof and scratch-resistant images and text
  • Zero drying time
  • Proven to offer superior print performance as well as lasting durability in competitive assessment testing
  • Optimized for use with Prism printers

Rimage Media

Rimage printable CD/DVD/BD media is engineered to achieve an exceptional, professional look, helping you treat every project like it’s your most important one. Whether you purchase single layer CD or DVD, single or dual layer Blu-ray, silver or white discs, Rimage media is sourced to exact specifications. Discs are taken through rigorous quality assurance processes and manufactured to the tolerances required for Rimage robotic and printing systems. Rimage media is designed to work together with Rimage ribbons and ink cartridges for extraordinary print quality and data integrity, and is matched precisely to your system’s specifications for faster write speeds and error-free operation.

Only Rimage media is approved and guaranteed. For full details, view the Rimage Optical Media Guarantee.

See the supplies page for additional information about ribbons, inkjet cartridges, media, media kits, and warranty/guarantee.

Find product information including features, benefits, and specifications for all current Rimage products and services. To learn the science behind optical media, thermal printing, and related technologies, study white papers authored by Rimage experts.

Compare Specifications

Rimage 2450
CPU/RAM/HDDUser Supplied
Number of Recorders2 CD/DVD (optional BD)
Carousel / Total Capacity3 bins / 150 discs
External Output Bin Capacity5 discs (optional 50-disc external output bin)
PrinterEverest 400
USB PortUSB 3.1 Gen 1
Print Speed60 seconds
Print RibbonsA set of software tools enabling unique artwork design,
job submission, control center operation, production
monitoring and custom application creation.

Included in the Rimage Software Suite is CD Designer™,
QuickDisc™ and Rimage System Manager.
Height19 in / 48.3 cm
Width14.8 in / 37.6 cm
Depth19.5 in / 49.5 cm
Weight64 lb / 29 kg
Power Specifications100 – 240VAC, 60/50 Hz, 3.4 - 2.4A, 500W max
Warranty12 months

Need Support For This System?

Protect your Rimage system with a maintenance contract from GTGI. We have been a Rimage Service Partner since 1997, and are one of only three Rimage partners authorized to service Rimage equipment. To schedule a service call, preventive maintenance visit, or to ask a service-related question, please call us at (703) 486-0500 ext 2 for ‘Rimage Support’. Service and Support is available from 9am to 6pm EST, Monday – Friday.