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Rimage media and printing supplies are engineered and perfectly matched together, to produce high-quality, stunning, and professional-looking results for your business.

Media Kits

Features & Benefits

  • Matched, pre-packaged quantities of discs and ribbons
  • Economic and predictable supply costs
  • Guaranteed performance
  • Consistent output on every disc
  • Simplified purchasing and production

Rimage Media Kits deliver guaranteed performance with matched, pre-packaged quantities of discs and ribbons or ink cartridges. Rimage Media Kits are designed to work with Rimage systems to deliver consistent print quality at value pricing. 

Media Kits are available in various quantities to meet your production needs and are specifically designed for Everest thermal print coatings. CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs™ in Media Kits are guaranteed to pick, clamp, record and print to your satisfaction.

Ribbons & Ink

Rimage ribbons and ink cartridges are made specifically for Rimage thermal and inkjet printers to consistently give you stunning, professional-looking discs at competitive prices.

Make a Great Impression!

Features & Benefits

Optimized for use with Everest printers. Ribbons available for Everest 600/400 and Everest III models. Highest thermal print resolution in the industry and Provides scratch proof, waterproof, fade resistant and UV-protected printing.

  • Visually stunning results
  • 600 DPI (Everest Printers Only)
  • Fixed yields & predictable cost per print

Available as media only or in Rimage Media Kits

Get High Quality at Low Cost!

Features & Benefits

Ribbons optimized for use with Prism printers – can be used on all Prism models. 2,100 prints or more with black, red and blue Prism ribbons or 500 prints with three-paneled CMY ribbons. Proven to offer superior print performance and durability in cometitive assessment testing.

  • Zero drying time
  • Waterproof & scratch-resistant images and text
  • Low cost-per-print compared to conpetitive brands

Available as media only or in Rimage Media Kits

Rimage Discs

Rimage CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs™ are manufactured to the tolerances required for robotic systems and the high-quality, on-demand performance you expect.

Everest printers use thermal retransfer technology to provide the highest resolution thermal disc printing in the industry. To achieve these superior results, the retransfer process requires high temperatures that can easily damage the data on a typical disc. Rimage adds a specially formulated top coat to Everest discs to shield the data portion of the disc from high heat levels while yielding outstanding print quality.

Features & Benefits

Designed to maintain data integrity at high temperature levels of thermal retransfer process. Scratch resistant, waterproof, fade-resistant and UV-protected print surface and superior high quality recording layer to ensure reliable recording and playback.

  • ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 manufacture
  • For use across all thermal printers
  • CDs and DVDs available in Silver or White
  • Blu-ray™ and dual layer DVDs available in White

Professional and Professional Premium Media

Rimage Professional Premium media offers best-in-class performance for professional, archival storage, ideal for use with Rimage Everest Printers. Rimage Professional Premium discs are the highest grade media designed and manufactured to Rimage‘s strict quality specifications using premium grade materials for maximum longevity and consistent, repeatable performance. This is the very best media available on the market, ideal for those with stringent quality requirements

Prism printers use direct thermal printing technology to provide very fast print times with the lowest cost per print in the industry. With direct thermal printing, the print head is in physical contact with the media, which requires a very smooth flat surface to get the best results and avoid damage to the print head. Prism direct thermal discs are tested to ensure the optimal balance between durable, scratch resistant printing and high fidelity results.

Features & Benefits

Printable surface that is optimal for direct thermal printing. Ideal coating for silkscreen printing for use with Prism Perfect Print. Superior high quality recording layer to ensure reliable recording and playback.

  • ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 manufacture
  • For use with direct thermal printers
  • CDs and DVDs available in Silver or White

Spot Printing On Silkscreen

Combine Prism Perfect Print with silkscreen printing to unleash powerful capabilities in a cost efficient way. Prism discs can accept full-color silkscreen printing – including photographic images. When discs have been pre-silkscreened in bulk, the Prism printer can then use Perfect Print to add customized information such as names and addresses on the disc, resulting in full-color, individualized discs at a more affordable price than other methods.