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The USB solution that’s fast, easy and secure

Save data on a USB stick with the RX400 Central high-performance data copy system. The RX400 Central serves as a complementary media delivery system to optical (CD/DVD/Blu-ray), when higher capacity is a requirement.

When optical is no longer an option, as is often found in organizations that no longer allow optical drives on laptops, USB is a logical solution. The system allows for ultimate flexibility:

  • Use with Rimage WORMable USB sticks
  • Submit unique jobs to each USB port
  • Additional features such as encryption
  • Use without security with regular USB sticks


The RX400 Central is a compact, fully integrated desktop device including integrated computer, 4 front USB ports, label printer and touch screen and can be complemented with an internal DVD drive to import data from CD/DVD.

The system can be easily integrated into your existing workflow. With the WebClient you can access the RX400 Central from your entire network, creating USB sticks that meet your security requirements. With the possibility of adding a copy release PIN, you can ensure that only you can copy the send files to an USB stick at the system level. The integrated printer prints the label as soon as the USB stick is unplugged.

What makes a secure USB stick truly secure?

With the Rimage stick we enhanced data security with unalterable data. This is accomplished by using WORM technology. With “Write Once, Read Many”  technology, data on the Rimage USB stick cannot be modified. This provides high security against viruses and malware, as the sticks can only be written by the RX400 Central system. Other USB ports can only read but not write any data on Rimage USB sticks.

Rimage Central USB Sticks

Rimage Central CORE USB stick
USB Version: 3.1 
Capacity: 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB
SingleWORM Feature
Connector: USB A
Max Read/Write Speed: 400/200 MB/s
Sequential read/write: 40/30 MB/s

Rimage Central ULTRA USB stick 
USB Version: 3.2 Gen 2×1
Capacity: 256 GB, 512 GB, 1024 GB
SingleWORM Feature
Connector: USB A
Max Read/Write Speed: 1000/800 MB/s
Sequential read/write: 185/260 MB/s

Value for Customers

Simplified Operation

The integrated touchscreen shows all waiting jobs, sorted by job ID, coming from any connected source in your network. 

Via the touch screen, you can select which job you want to store on the USB stick.

With this high-performing hardware and USB sticks you can create media on the spot, whenever the need arises.


The RX400 Central can optionally be used with Rimage USB sticks that have special security features such as write-protection. This dramatically reduces the probability that malware, viruses, or other threats can be added on the stick and thus get into highly sensitive networks.

The Rimage RX400 Central USB sticks are pre-protected when delivered and only the RX400 Central is able to add data to those particular USB sticks. This limits the risk of malicious USB sticks and provides an additional level of important protection in an IT environment. With the RX400
Central we are adding a new layer of security for physical data. Your data can be encrypted (using AES 256) and in case of a loss, it will be nearly impossible to access.

With the integrated, adhesive paper thermal printer you can easily label USB sticks individually, ensuring you are handing the right stick to the right person. The dedicated labels are automatically created on a PE-Foil label once you unplug a recorded and verified USB stick.

Reliable Workflow

Without any moving mechanical parts, the RX400-C is very service friendly. Most of the parts are easily swappable
and accessible by opening the cover.

The solid state drive (SSD), which contains all of your device configuration and locally used job data, is easily accessible from a locked compartment within the RX400. This allows you to easily exchange a broken unit (if needed), using the existing SSD in the new unit.

Dedicated Support

The Rimage worldwide service organization has dedicated applications engineers to provide support during all stages of system integration.

Easy Integration

The RX400 Central API enables easy integration for software providers. The RX400 Central is already fully integrated into
several workflows.

High-Speed data transfer

Data amountCore (write/overhead)Ultra (write/overhead)
1 GB25 sec / 1.5 min15 sec/ 50 sec
16 GB10 min / 11 min7 min / 8 min/td>
128 GB60 min / 62 min50 min / 52 min

Need Support For This System?

Protect your Rimage system with a maintenance contract from GTGI. We have been a Rimage Service Partner since 1997, and are one of only three Rimage partners authorized to service Rimage equipment. To schedule a service call, preventive maintenance visit, or to ask a service-related question, please call us at (703) 486-0500 ext 2 for ‘Rimage Support’. Service and Support is available from 9am to 6pm EST, Monday – Friday.