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The RX400M is the evolution of the well-known Rimage patient CD solutions.  Deliver studies on a state of the art write protected RX400 USB-Stick with the RX400M high-performance data copy system. Save your entire collection of diagnostic data in full resolution with just the touch of a finger.

The USB Sticks can be used alongside conventional patient CDs, with added benefits such as high speed, storage space and independence from the availability of a CD drive.

The compact RX400M is easy to set up for system integrators, health care providers and hospitals.

Do you know WORM?

After recording the data requested, the Rimage RX400 MedX will send a command to the USB controller of the device, locking it on a hardware level. This will prevent all further attempts to write, modify or erase data on the device. Using alternate Operating Systems to access the device will not bypass the WORM or Multi-Write protection either.

Rimage Patient USB-Sticks, the modern version of the proven patient CD.

They offer many advantages:
1. higher compatibility, as a CD drive is no longer required,
2. more speed to open studies faster
3. more storage space to store related studies together over a period of time and compare them more easily

Normal USB-Sticks are considered as a potential security risk in many hospitals and clinics and are therefore often not opened or USB ports on PCs are even blocked for USB sticks.
Rimage Patient USB sticks are as secure as a CD. They have a pre-write protection already at delivery and can therefore only be recorded via our RX400 MedX devices, as part of a medical integration.
The write protection is also active after the medical records have been added. This limits the risk of adding potential viruses or malware afterwards, as all other systems only have read  access and can´t modify the data.

How to recognize a secure Rimage USB flash drive:
– White case with gray slider
– Rimage logo
– Sticker with patient ID and other patient data (if the stick is recorded)

Need Support For This System?

Protect your Rimage system with a maintenance contract from GTGI. We have been a Rimage Service Partner since 1997, and are one of only three Rimage partners authorized to service Rimage equipment. To schedule a service call, preventive maintenance visit, or to ask a service-related question, please call us at (703) 486-0500 ext 2 for ‘Rimage Support’. Service and Support is available from 9am to 6pm EST, Monday – Friday.