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Digital asset management (DAM) technology is used by corporations, marketing and communication agencies, publishers, manufacturing, government agencies, and higher education for dynamic, real-time management of digital properties, or assets.  DAM is defined by the practice and process of storing, managing, tracking and distributing digital assets. Within many companies or agencies, the DAM is the heart of activities for managing digital assets. 

A digital asset is any digital file that provides value to the organization. The most common are images and videos, but they can also include audio files, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more. DAM software enables brands to develop a library of photos, videos, graphics, PDFs, and templates that are easy to search and ready to deploy.

  • Reduces time spent on projects and management by increasing efficiencies
  • Increases the ability to collaborate more effectively within teams and organization
  • Provide requested assets to stakeholders and external partners.
  • Increases brand consistency throughout organization
  • Provides for better control of licensing and usage rights for digital assets.
  • Distribute requested assets in the request with immediate transcoding
  • Use and reuse digital assets to extend their lifecycle, providing more value
  • Control access to your assets so only approved versions are being used
  • Quickly find assets through powerful metadata search 

GTGI is a proud partner with Zenplex, maker of Z-DAM, a enterprise-level digital asset management solution that can be fully integrated into ecosystems and workflows. Z-DAM has saved clients thousands of hours of time and millions of dollars by integrating disparate digital systems and content.

Z-DAM provides a single repository for all rich media digital assets, such as videos,  photos, PDFs, Word docs, audio files  and more. End users can find assets  in seconds through powerful metadata search and recall, re-purpose and  re-distribute those assets to colleagues across office locations, as well as those outside your organization if required.

Power the Dynamic Real Time Management of Your Digital Property

  • Integrate existing workflows and ecosystems
  • Use analytics and AI powered Intelligent Tagging
  • Provide unparalleled access, integration and compliance

Search more efficiently

The average employee spends 37 minutes per workday searching for files and assets. Z-DAM will end  frustrating searches and drastically reduce time spent searching for files, located on various drives, desktops, and other storage containers. Z-DAM  users search more efficiently saving  time, money, and exponentially improving productivity.

Platform agnostic

Most DAM solutions are available only as a Software as a Service (SaaS), which can be limiting or difficult to securely implement in today’s internet environment.   

Z-DAM has unparalleled platform flexibility.  Organizations can install and run Z-DAM on premise (internally), in a private cloud, on either Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure, or as highly secure, yet accessible SaaS, with support for Secure Authentication AD, SSO, oAuth, Google Auth.

Enterprise File Sync Share (EFSS) Using Resilio Connect

Resilio, a leader in data transfer technology, is an edge-to-edge solution for fast and secure enterprise file synchronization that performs at maximum speed on any device.

Easy to Deploy: Minutes to install for standard reporting tools makes it easy to fit into  existing workflows.

Resilient: Built from the ground up to handle any payload over any  network condition.  Can handle and efficiently recover  from endpoint and network failures.

Faster Transfer Speed: WAN optimization combined with mesh networking. For every endpoint added in the network, Resilio  becomes more  powerful, faster, and  resilient with  transferring the data.

Scalable: Any number of endpoints.  Any amount of data. As  opposed to centralized or  hardware-based solutions,  P2P systems like Resilio,  automatically scale according  to the operational needs

No License Limitations

Z-DAM is perhaps the most affordable feature rich DAM solution on the market today. Moreover, there are no license charges or user limitations. There is a single server charge for unlimited users. There is additional charge for additional servers.

And so much more…

  • Easy site branding 
  • Easily integrates with 3rd party apps
  • Detailed analytics and reporting
  • Social Media Integration
  • Support for Vimeo and YouTube
  • Supports metadata read/write (EXIF, XMP,  IPTC and many more)
  • Ability to share assets easily (Authenticated or Public) using drop in url links
  • A.I. automated metadata tagging
  • Windows, Linux server platforms supported
  • Multi-tenant, Site Branding included
  • Web and Mobile enabled interface
  • Robust security filtering of asset views based on metadata
  • Hot patches & updates
  • Standard support included
  • Add status badges
  • Supports SketchApp Previews (q1)
  • Eliminates 3rd party sharing tools
  • Create contact sheets as PDF and share
  • Build logical hierarchy or taxonomy  of collections
  • Vimeo support
  • Document Support (PDF, PPT, XLS, DOC,  Indesign)
  • Built in message services as well as email
  • Robust File Sharing Internal & External 
  • Commenting on assets
  • Video support and transcoding  Watermarks
  • Seamless integration with other applications and workflows