Rimage Systems

Rimage disc publishing systems produce optical media
with customized content and durable color or monochrome labels.

The Producer Series

Designed for applications of higher volume and uninterrupted disc publishing, as well as network capabilities.

The Catalyst Series

Latest in the Rimage line of disc publishing systems, and is ideal for customers with medium-volume requirements.

Printers & Media

Dependable Rimage robotics for robust disc printing needs, delivering the highest print quality in the industry.

Disc Publishing Systems

As the industry leader, Rimage defines the gold standard for on-demand digital publishing solutions, including digital asset management, disc publishing and printing. Rimage workflow-integrated digital publishing systems produce CD, DVD, and Blu-ray Discs™ with customized content and durable color or monochrome labels. 

With over 22.000 publishing systems installed globally, Rimage helps companies in a broad range of markets get the most from their digital assets. Rimage offers a variety of system configurations to meet a wide range of disc production requirements – for different content types, both large and small volumes, and all optical disc formats.