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Rimage is great, but what's next for me?

CDs and DVD were easy to exchange, reliable, and secure containers of data for decades. But are they the right solution for you – today or going forward?

Network policies for portable media, the decline in drives built into computers and, limitations for user desired storage capacity are all factors in the disappearance of CDs and DVDs from the spectrum. This also has an effect on the lack of adoption of BluRay discs.

So what should a Rimage customer do next? You still have workflows to accomplish, and customers to deliver content to.

The good news is that there are several viable, affordable answers.

  • Web delivery
  • High-speed web delivery
  • USB thumb drives
  • Content management systems

Web delivery

Delivering files over the web isn’t new. Internet users are trained by industry standards to understand the process. Network connections are open and there are limitless options for web delivery services. Internet delivery over standard protocols can be slow.


What you need to know is that incorporating  business workflows into your web delivery can save rework, ensure auditing and accounting practices are captured, and protect content from unauthorized recipients.


GTGI recommends encryption at all stages of file transmission (at rest, in transit and at the end user’s desktop or server) so that your work is protected. 


Further, business automation can reduce redundant tasks. Do you send information to the same client on a repetitive basis? Do you have an order management system that needs a delivery mechanism?

Ask us how to protect and automate your workflows.

Secure Web Delivery

Latency got you down? Users complaining about download speeds? Sending massive files? Need to perform frequent back-ups or migrate systems?

GTGI highly recommends IBM Aspera. This family of products is capable of immediate network performance improvements for file transfers. Data is encrypted at-rest and in-transit. File delivery accuracy is guaranteed. Best of all, it’s easy to use and affordable.

Aspera has solutions for one off file transfers, automation and system integrations, video streaming, email integrations, server sync and more. Each delivery is managed, and receipt data is logged.

Want to know more? Ask us.



USB thumb drives 

New computers and mobile devices continue to include USB (universal serial bus) drives of one type or another. As the name implies, USB appears to be a universally interchangeable connector.

GTGI offers high-speed USB duplicators. It’s a natural evolution for those who need to continue to deliver a physical data medium.

USB drives will come in various capacities and will have printed labels. The drives have a variety of security enhancements over the drives you can buy individually at a commercial website or store. 

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Content/Media/Asset Management Systems


You have content. Everyone has content. Content is business. Your deliverables, working documents, creative and marketing material, databases, financial records, human resources and so on are all content.


Managing, storing, protecting, archiving, and delivering your content to authorized people or servers is a key business requirement. 


Maintaining an easy to use, strongly protected, and modern content management system is something GTGI can help you with.


While we specialize in content management systems for creative teams, we also have solutions for software version management, business content, as well as legal and medical content management and delivery.