Rimage CD/DVD Systems

Rimage is the world leader in CD/DVD production systems and GTGI is its top partner.

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Keep data safe on discs (and coming soon, USB) with automated password-protected encryption. Click Here for Free Trial Version.


Global DAMS

A multi-faceted ecosystem that provides the ability to ingest, edit, manage, archive and distribute digital assets and files.

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A robust and cost-effective email and SMS message solution that automates RSS feeds and subscription lists.

Our Solutions

In today’s separated world, organizations are challenged to find ways to continue working collaboratively to achieve their goals and missions while minimizing resources, budget and time.

GTGI will help maximize past investment in legacy technology by automating existing processes and procedures; improve digital content workflows and integrate best of breed technologies, processes, custom software, and superb service and support to create customized solutions for your specific needs.

Manage, organize, share, and download digital assets. Efficiently distribute content to users and customers. GDAMS brings your creative and digital engagement teams together under one simple, familiar, and secure hub. Now everybody can focus on bringing that big idea to life.

Access and interact with your assets from any platform, on any device using a desktop-like, browser-based interface. You control the look, feel and branding of your workspace with drag and drop widgets even non-technical users are comfortable using. No need to install plug-ins or client software is required.

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See what AI on the cloud can do for your organization.

GTGI has developed a robotic automation process application with an artificial intelligence module that applies machine learning and artificial intelligence reviews, OCR, facial recognition, object-based image analysis, ensures accessibility compliance and interchange compatibility, and manages the flow of content so that you don’t have to, at a fraction of the price of larger services.

Have or need data? IBM‘s family of services and products ensures that your organization maximizes big-data.

Move files faster than your IT department thinks is possible with Aspera.

Built to meet the messaging  requirements of a major government agency with a fiscal reduction that prevented them from using the major service provider. GMS delivered nearly all of the same capabilities and a few unique capabilities at a fraction of the cost. Robust, easy to use, and affordable.

We develop software to improve security, data management, workflows and distribution, crafted for the needs of each client. All of our software has high-integration with IBM, MediaBeacon and Rimage products.

Our software engineers work with you every step of the way to solve your most complex problems. The collaborative approach fosters creative thinking that delivers results — we kick-off with an in-depth needs analysis. Your needs are heard as we gather requirements, and establish the project roadmap needed to create a successful, on-time, and on-budget outcome. Software Assurance & Enhancements (SAE) is available for customized applications.

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GTGI is Rimage’s top partner and has been performing service on Rimage systems since 1997. GTGI is currently the only partner in the world that is authorized to provide on-site service and support.

Our Service & Support options are ideal for “hands-free” maintenance with a Rimage certified engineer. Protect your system with a maintenance contract from GTGI. 

To schedule a free system wellness check, a service call, a preventive maintenance visit, or to just ask a service-related question, please call us at (703) 486-0500 ext 2 for ‘Rimage Support’, or send an email to

Service and Support is available from 9am to 6pm EST, Monday – Friday.

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