Organizations need to share digital content with internal and external users, clients and partners. Often there is a significant revenue opportunity that can be attached to making digital content easily available to those who value them. The key to successful content distribution is automating the process to minimize cost and human error while maximizing your investment. 

  • Rimage Systems: Mission-critical, Network Attached Disc Publishing Systems designed for performance and dependability in production environments
  • GMS: Global Messaging System is an affordable email and SMS notification solution that sends automated and manual notifications
  • GFTM: Global File Transfer Manager is a GTGI developed middleware solution to automate file transfers and routing between systems. This all-in file transfer automation system manages high-volume email, Google Drive, DropBox, IBM Watson, AWS S3, Azure Blob, Aspera and FTP transfers
  • Aspera is an advanced software solution for file transfer, synchronization and streaming of digital assets, allowing users and enterprises secure high speed movement of all of their data over any distance, to any environment, with none of the waiting. 
  • Digital Warehouse is a highly customizable product management, production, and delivery tool for content owners.
  • What is next? – In response to our customers’ changing needs, GTGI stays at the forefront of technology development and deployment.